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1. Container On Hire / Condition Survey:

     On Hire Survey would assist to the customer to ensure that only the container is in acceptable condition or meet the required criteria to be selected and leased. This On Hire Survey is really important to the customer to avoid any potential risk, loss, claim could be occurred and claimed by the customer on the later date due to damaged or bad container condition effecting to cargo during in servicing.

2.Container Pre-repair Survey:

     The In Service Survey purpose is to ensure that any damage out of required criteria or would affect to cargo loading/carrying should be repaired on time, in order to maintain the container always in cargo worthy condition or meet the required criteria.

     During In-Service or Off-Hire conducted, new damages such as floor board’s oil stain, interior panel scratches, handling damage, etc over a certain approval amount, a request with manifest or bill of lading from client’s local office/agent to establish a third party claim to the Shipper or Consignee. Processing of individual report with photo to support the claim is sent to the liable party.


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